We all know that it is personal accountability that aids our efforts in creating personal change.   Your Personal Support Team (PST) is the backbone of your creating this change in your life so choose them wisely.  It should be a small group of friends (less than 5 is suggested) that will be there to provide encouragement, a few kind words, and even some strong advice when it is required.   The on line forum for them is not for anonymity, but for ease of effort in helping you. For this reason it should be real friends who have known you for some time and that can actually see and validate the change you want to create.  While all of the anonymous posts can aid your efforts by showing you that many others are going through similar circumstances and struggles it is your close knit friends that validate the change you want to create and to whom you will owe gratitude for their support .    Since we know that change comes from positive support it is also important to choose a funny and positive name (some examples we have conjured up!) for this support team.  We leave it up to the imagination of you and your team and look forward to being the forum for your improvement together!

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