Example PST Connections

While any connection to a friend such as a text, phone call or e-mail can initiate your support team to the web site we have provided some simple example e-mails and / or texts below you can use to request their support:

Example 1:     Hi __________,

I have decided to go after a life time goal of mine to be a writer.  In doing so I know the number one thing I have to do is simply write!  I am requesting a few close friends who know me to act as my conscience in doing so in a positive, fun filled way.  I have initiated an anonymous support team called “The Writer’s Guilt”  that I am willing to be accountable to  and wanted to ask you to support me at helpfulfriend.org.   We can go into further detail in our anonymous posts on the website or when we next get together, but I just wanted to get things going.  

Thanks for your support!



Example 2:    Hey _________,

As you know I have struggled with my weight over the past 5 years and have made a commitment to myself to lose ____ lbs. over the next ____ months and I would like your help.  I can’t afford weight watchers, although I follow many of what they say to do, and have decided to create my own personal accountability team through helpfulfriend.org called “Drop and give me 20!”  It is easy to do and I appreciate the support!


Example 3:

Dear ________:

As you know I have a habit of biting my nails and I can’t seem to stop, despite years of trying.  I am looking for help on this new web site called helpfulfriend.org where anyone can post helpful hints on how to stop, but it also includes a personal support team I am calling “digitalgrowth” that knows me to keep me accountable to my goals.  I would appreciate if you could be part of that support team.  You can quickly learn more at helpfulfriend.org.



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